Everyone loves getting gifts, especially on Valentine’s Day – we know we do. But the real struggle is giving the right gift to a loved one, friend, colleague to show how much we appreciate them.

Don’t forget yourself – oh yes. Show self-love, if you have no boo.

So, what gift(s) are you getting?

Please don’t say chocolates, flowers, and stuffed animals(emoji with the eyes rolling). Don’t you get tired of giving out the same cheesy gift every year? No need to panic if you are still stuck on the usual Valentine’s gifts.

Here are 10 fantastic gift ideas you can get your loved ones that they will genuinely appreciate.

Gifts for Men

1. T-Shirt 

When in doubt, go for a classy T-Shirt to spice up his wardrobe. It literally can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. You are sure to win a smile from him.

2. Men Bracelet

Just so you know, men also love accessories. A durable hand band bracelet might just be what he needs to compliment his style.

3. Rechargeable Hair Clipper:

There’s something about a clean-shaved man- even the beard gang needs a trim occasionally. With the rechargeable clipper, you get to take care of all his hair needs.

4. Wristwatch:

You can never go wrong with a wristwatch as a gift. A quality wristwatch makes him look stylish and takes his fashion game to another level.

5. Money Transfer

We saved the best for the last. Use your NowNow app to either transfer money to his wallet, buy data or pay for a subscription for him. This is the best surprise ever.

Gifts for Her

1. Jewelry

“I have enough jewelry,” said no woman ever. You can never go wrong with gifting her either a wristwatch, necklace, ring or earring.

2. Wig

Getting a lady wig is always going to be a hit and never a miss-even the ladies who wear low cut hair. She will definitely remember your gift on days when she wants to look beautiful without the stress of going to the salon.

3. Handbag :

Ladies love to carry handbags-small or big. Pay attention to the usual size she loves to carry and you are good to go.

4. Massage :

A massage is a guaranteed winner all year round. Use your NowNow app and pay for a relaxing session at the spa. You can even book a couples massage, to make the experience memorable.

5. Money Transfer:

Nothing says I love you to a woman than a money alert. Use your NowNow app to either transfer money, buy data or pay for a subscription for her. All three will blow her mind.

There you have it.

You can’t go wrong with any of these gift ideas to surprise that special someone or treat yourself special this Valentine’s Day.