5 reasons why NowNow is the best platform for you

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5 reasons why NowNow is the best platform for you

A cell phone with the internet has become the most used device that has changed how people work and live. Whether you are a business owner or a customer there is a lot more than just communication to be achieved with your phone. There is a sea of opportunities waiting for you and all you need to do is download the NowNow app.

Here are 5 reasons why NowNow is the app you must have:

A. Multiple Payment Services in One Place

The NowNow app is a comprehensive financial technology app offering a variety of services to suit diverse needs. Whether it is sending money to someone in the event of an emergency need or transferring money as a gift, NowNow lets you complete money transfer in easy steps. You can even take out loans, pay for bills, and top up your mobile with the NowNow App.

B. Banking for All

NowNow is helping Nigerians become financially independent and stronger. The app’s services can be enjoyed by both the banked and underbanked. This is one of the best features of the platform. The brand has a large network of users across Nigeria including thousands of business owners.

C. Perform Financial Functions from Anywhere

Taking loans or buying insurance does not have to be a headache anymore. The platform has partnered with the best vendors to offer its users the best insurance and loan products. Apart from these, paying for anything is easily made possible with NowNow which can completely do away with the need to carry currency. Several enterprises trust NowNow as their partner for digital payment services and love it when consumers use the platform for various transactions.

D. More than just Transactional Services

While NowNow empowers all Nigerians to conduct hassle-free financial transactions through its app, it also cares for the betterment of its users. The platform offers online streaming services to help you enjoy your favorite shows and movies in your free time. Apart from that, there is also a 24/7 health consultation facility that lets its users access telemedicine facilities from the comfort of their homes and offices. In recent times, this feature has been a relief and completely does away with standing in queues or traveling for speaking to a doctor.

E. 100% Safe & Secure

The NowNow platform is here to make you feel safe with its EMV and PCI certified platform. The transactions done on the app are completely safe so that you can be rest assured about your money.

This app for online money transfer is more than just a fintech app. Whether you are a consumer or an enterprise, the platform can do a lot to ease your work and life. You can even sign up as a NowNow agent and earn by helping customers pay for bills on this novel app for online money transfer.



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