Date: February 8, 2018   |   Comments : 0

The Tomato Jos Story

Nigeria produces up to 1.5 million tonnes of tomatoes every year, making it the 14th largest producer of tomatoes in the world. Despite Nigeria’s strong position in tomato production, it still spends up to $500 million every year to import tomato products (especially purees, pastes and canned tomatoes), making Nigeria one of the biggest importers of tomato paste in the world. Shocking! Two smart entrepreneurs observed this trend and decided to do something about it. Mira Mehta and Shane Kiernan set up Tomato Jos in 2014 and began to revolutionize tomato production and processing in Nigeria. Today, Tomato Jos operates across the entire tomato value chain (farming, logistics, and processing) and sources raw tomatoes from its network of over 100 smallholder tomato farmers in Nigeria’s North Central region. What move have you made to change your environment? Be Smart #NowNow #SmartNowNow

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