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The Tomato Jos Story

Nigeria produces up to 1.5 million tonnes of tomatoes every year, making it the 14th largest producer of tomatoes in the world. Despite Nigeria's strong position in tomato production, it still spends up to $500 million every year to import tomato products (especially purees, pastes and canned ..
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Meet Rahmah, the Passionate Female Entrepreneur. 

In spite of her strong educational background in biological sciences and public health, she decided to venture into agriculture having discovered that palm kernel products are limited in supply to many manufacturing companies in Nigeria. Despite the harsh economic climate and difficulty of doing ..
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Meet Olaitan Laniyan, a Quintessential Shoemaker and Designer

Meet Mr. Laniyan, a graduate of educational management from Tai Solarin University of Education. After graduating in 2011, he quickly moved into the production of leather goods like shoes, belts, bags, wallets for both genders. Since then, he has slowly grown his business, Footfreak, into a very ..
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In hac habitasse platea dictumst. Morbi quis ligula pellentesque, varius odio ut, iaculis purus. Donec luctus luctus dui vitae semper. Duis et molestie nunc. Sed auctor consequat scelerisque. Nam lacinia orci et metus tristique, malesuada blandit justo tristique. Pellentesque habitant morbi ..
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Nunc arcu odio, pretium vitae leo eu, euismod laoreet sem. Duis dolor nisl, faucibus sed malesuada vitae, sollicitudin eu purus. Sed ac diam sed lectus rutrum auctor. Fusce finibus, velit eu feugiat sollicitudin, dui metus laoreet dolor, quis mattis urna dolor id mauris. Maecenas mi mi, semper nec ..