Founded in 2018, NowNow is one of the leading African digital banking platforms with a mission to deliver best-in-class financial services in Nigeria and Africa. The company has built an ecosystem that digitizes payments and creates access to financial services for agents, consumers, and businesses. For agents, NowNow is a platform that provides the opportunity to earn a living while driving financial inclusion across the country.

In this chat with Mr. Christian Obichefunwa, he speaks about his experience as a NowNow agent and why he continues to recommend the platform as a go-to for fellow agents.

Q1: Kindly introduce yourself and share your experience with NowNow.
My name is Christian Obichefunwa, I am the owner of a pharmacy store in Ajigbo. As one of the 1st agents on NowNow, I have been using the platform for about three years now. Before switching to NowNow, I used to use one of the other apps but there were a lot of challenges such as frequent transaction failures and higher charges. Since I moved to NowNow, things like that don’t happen as much and their charges are preferable. Also, for bill payments, NowNow works better and is faster.
Q2: How were you introduced to NowNow?

As a POS agent, I discovered NowNow on my mobile phone app store but even before that, a representative reached out to me. She used to be my contact when she was at the other app, so as she moved, she introduced us to NowNow as well. I was convinced to follow her as she was very knowledgeable about the industry and how to increase earnings. She helped me sign up and once I saw the platform worked as well as she described, I continued to use it. As a businessman, I have made it a policy to only invest in things I know and can be sure of. I chose to continue to use NowNow because I trust them and their services.

Q3: As the owner of a pharmacy store, what inspired you to become a banking agent?
Most of the time when a customer comes to purchase drugs with me, they don’t carry cash, or their money is not complete for all the items they want to get. They always ask to transfer or to withdraw from a POS agent. The problem they had with that, and what I also faced when I go and buy goods in the market, is the lack of security when carrying large amounts of cash. By having my own POS with me, my business has benefited very well.

Q4: What has been the biggest benefit of becoming a NowNow agent?
The increased earnings from transactions have been the biggest benefit to me, especially concerning electricity bill payments. NowNow, unlike other platforms that charge before initiating payment, gives me interest instead. Another benefit is the increased security as I mentioned before. A customer once told me that he was robbed many times after withdrawing cash from the bank. Since then, he has made all his transactions with me using NowNow. Lastly, the increased popularity and publicity is a benefit as my business name is shown on all transactions and receipts.

Q5: What advice will you give to potential or aspiring agents who want to partner with NowNow?
As an Igbo proverb says, “Once a road is good, you go more than twice”. I believe that anyone seeking to become an agent should come and join the NowNow platform with me so that they can smile as I do. This is a good and honest way to earn a living for themselves as we all know that things are difficult.