Best Way To Do Online Money Transfer In Nigeria

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Best way to do Online Money Transfer in Nigeria

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted economies and industries across the world. It has also triggered substantial behavioural change in people, from how we interact with people and society at large to how we conduct our day to day activities. The impact is visible across the financial services industry too, that has led to a shift in the way we send or receive money.

In Nigeria, cash has always been a dominant mode of payments, but with the changing shift across the globe, digital transactions, especially mobile payments in Nigeria are now growing rapidly. As a huge share of Nigerian population still remains either unbanked or underbanked, Nigerian citizens are now turning to mobile wallets at large.

To this effect, many start-ups have now begun to encourage customers to conduct transactions through available digital platforms via their mobiles.

Mobile payments in Nigeria are growing at a rapid rate according to data from the NIBSS. Latest data shows that mobile payments have increased by 391% since May 2019. In January 2020, the number of mobile payments was upwards of 7.4 million transactions – that’s a massive increase over just 724k transactions in January 2019.

NowNow is Nigeria’s fastest mobile super-app that offers many digital services like bill payments, airtime recharges, online money transfer and a lot more. It is quick, easy, secure and reliable. Just by phone number or bank account details, you can send or receive money to anyone. NowNow follows the simple ‘ Tap, Select and Transfer ‘ method.

What all can you do with NowNow’s Online money transfer?

1. Send money instantly to anyone in Nigeria to their phone number or bank account.
2. Receive money instantly from anyone in Nigeria through your phone number or bank account.
3. Split your bill and make shared payments with your friends and family.
4. Pay Merchants with a quick Scan to Pay option with the QR code.

To do so, open the NowNow app, select money transfer, enter mobile number or bank account number & beneficiary details, mention the amount, and click send. It is as simple as it sounds and equally safe service to use.

What are the benefits of using NowNow app for Online Money Transfer in Nigeria?

1. It’s really fast and very simple to use
2. It is especially designed to provide digital access to those who don’t have a bank account
3. Your money is protected by our industry-leading secure payment systems.
4. Send and receive money round the clock. No need to depend on Bank hours or stand on queues anymore!

NowNow’s digital services continue to have a transformative impact especially on low-income households, by providing greater financial security and prosperity. As the coronavirus pandemic has led to times where social distancing is the “New Normal”, it has also increased awareness about the many advantages of digital wallets.

At NowNow, we encourage our fellow Nigerians to continue to follow guidelines from the World Health Organisation (WHO) and observe safety measures needed in such times which also includes keeping mobile devices clean.


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