“Customers Insist I use NowNow’s POS for their transactions” – NowNow Agent

Founded in 2018, NowNow is one of the leading African digital banking platforms with a mission to deliver best-in-class financial services in Nigeria and Africa. The company has built an ecosystem that digitizes payments and creates access to financial services for agents, consumers, and businesses. For agents, NowNow is a platform that provides the opportunity to earn a living while driving financial inclusion across the country.

Mr Babatunde Shoekun, a NowNow agent, speaks about his experience as an agent, and the impact had on his life and community.

Q1: Can you kindly introduce yourself?
My name is Babatunde Shoekun, I am the CEO of Reward Management Service where we focus on agency banking and real estate. Our head office is located at Ilasa but we have different branches across the state including Okota, Lagos Toll Gate, and Ikotun. We have been in business for eight years and have used NowNow’s POS for four years, after being introduced to it by a reliable staff.

Q2: What motivated you to become an agent on NowNow when there are many other ways to earn a living in Nigeria?
Honestly, the major reason why I became an agent was for the profit and with NowNow, my earnings have increased. Before I was introduced to NowNow, I faced a lot of challenges in the running of my business. These problems included technical difficulties, incomplete transactions, high interest and commission rates, and problem with chargebacks. Switching to NowNow has helped solve these issues with its features and they provide exceptional customer service for when problem occurs.


Q3: Since you joined NowNow, what has been your experience as an agent?
Since I became an agent, my experience with NowNow has been great. I really appreciate that they put effort to improve their features to best fulfil my needs and those of my customers. This is not to say that there haven’t been any challenges, but these challenges are quickly attended to without hinderances. When I used other platforms, there were occasions where I was unable to receive my money, but this has not happened with NowNow. In fact, my customers now insist on using the NowNow POS for their transactions to prevent difficulties.

Q4: What challenges or difficulties have you encountered as an agent?
Our biggest challenge has been dealing with frequent network issues, although I know that this is not a fault of NowNow. Usually on the weekends, some traditional banks face frequent network issues, so customers tend to want to use NowNow and other digital platforms. Because of this, the network might become overloaded and slow down but usually NowNow tends to come back online faster than others. Also, I recently heard that NowNow has started offering debit cards which I am very excited about because this will help avoid payment issues caused by bad network.

Q5: Does NowNow offer any other benefit, not including increased earning power and better convenience?
Of course! We frequently receive branded materials from NowNow’s representatives. I, personally, have received many goods including branded umbrellas, stickers, clothing, flyers, and refreshments for our staff and customers. This way, customers can find my shop easily and I am able to gain their trust. More than that, with all this, I too can proudly say that I partner with NowNow.

Q6: What advice will you give to potential or aspiring agents who want to partner with NowNow?
In this area I live in, nobody is an Island. I was the first NowNow agent in this axis and I have introduced many people to the platform because I don’t want to enjoy the benefits alone. NowNow is a great platform and a good way to earn a living for one’s family which is why I introduce it to everyone I know, even to as far as my brothers in Okota. It is very nice that the process to sign up is quick and easy. All I needed to become an agent was a means of identification, my phone number, and my company’s registration certificate. Within 30 minutes, the app was set up and I was ready to start. Seeing how easy it was, I advise everyone I know to do the same.