How Long Until Independence?

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It has been a long ride for Nigeria, from the days of Flora Shaw to James Wilson Robertson. We dare say that Nigeria has seen it all. We have sucked, we have been backed, we have crawled, but our tenacity remains the same.

The Nigerian Spirit has remained the same from colonialism to neo-colonialism. Though many negative narratives sort to cripple us as a nation. Still, our identity remains the same — Nigerian.

To be Nigerian means to be strong-willed, dogged and free. It has never been a question of skin but the warrior’s spirit within. Look around, there’s no country in the world that a Nigerian does not reside, be it Antarctica. Nigerians are excelling in their given endeavour all around the world. Therefore, it will be foolery to join the naysayers and bystanders to discredit true independence.

Truth be told, we’ve had our shortcomings, but we would rather take little strides forward than go in rotary motions. To be independent is to be guaranteed of safety, choice and a voice — that air of ease.

There can be independence despite the stifling bank processes, you can be independent despite the frustrations of school systems, you can be free irrespective of work-life imbalance. The possibilities are endless in real life.

The Revolution for independence has begun and it is only a matter of choice. The transition from traditional systems to modernized patterns are particularly impressive. A case in point is the ongoing hassle for financial inclusion.

This really is the best form of independence for the average Nigerian. The power of choice handed over on their lapses, the option of doing life on-the-go. Independence is what mobile payment solutions avail you. Not just because of the low or no cost transaction rates, but the ease and speed of transactions.

Within every Nigeria is a desire for expeditious services, what our Nigerian dialect refers to as ‘NOWNOW’.

It is an unparalleled joy to be aware of NOWNOW app as it delivers its brand promise of fast, safe and convenient mobile transactions. For everyone, this is a life hack.


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