We are thrilled to present our enhanced and highly efficient merchant dashboard, BizPadi. We have upgraded the merchant portal to provide you with a seamless experience.

Let’s explore what’s new:

Monitor Transactions in Real-Time

Say goodbye to the stress of guessing how much money you have in your wallet. With the upgrade, you can now view all transactions in real-time, even on weekends.

Real-Time Transaction Notifications

Real-time payment transactions give your business an edge. Enjoy instant payment notifications, secure and fast transactions with BizPadi.

Upgraded Dashboard

The upgraded dashboard allows merchants to track payments, view transactions history and lots more. With real-time reports, merchants can effortlessly measure their business performances and make informed decisions with the analytics.

Instant Settlement for Merchants

Cashflow is crucial for merchants to carry out day-to-day operations. That’s why BizPadi offers an edge. Merchants who use it can enjoy instant settlement and access their funds without any delays.

Enhanced Pay-Out Options

Make large or small payments easily through BizPadi.

Fast & Reliable Payment Channels

Experience fast and secure payments across all our payment channels.

Multiple Payment Channels

BizPadi includes a variety of payment options, offering your customers the flexibility to pay the way they prefer. Available options include bank or wallet transfers, debit cards, POS, QR codes, NFC, and payment links.

Accept Payments with Payment Link

Share a payment link with your customers and accept payments with a single click. You can send a payment link via SMS or email to receive money from your customers anytime, anywhere.

Accept Payments via Soft POS (NFC Connectivity)

Turn your phone into a POS device and accept payments on the go. NowNow Tap and Pay (NFC connectivity) is ideal for businesses of all types and sizes, including retailers, restaurants, delivery services, supermarkets, and department stores.

How to Log in to BizPadi

Starting from Friday, 27th July 2023, the login page will be updated. The login requirement will change from PIN to PASSWORD to offer improved security. You will receive a default password to change your password.

How to Change Your BizPadi Password

  • Click on the settings icon.
  • Select “Change Password” from the drop-down menu.
  • Enter the default password, input your new password, confirm the new password, and submit.

That’s it!

We have upgraded the merchant portal to provide you with a seamless experience. 

What do you think of BizPadi? Let us know!