It Is Hard To Imagine Life Without Mobile Applications And Here’s Why

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Life Without Mobile Applications
In the age that we live in, it is becoming increasingly difficult to do anything without smartphones and mobile applications. These two technologies give us the power of ease. It is power to do almost anything at your convenience, placed in the palm of your hands.

With the pool of new apps released daily and old ones still clamouring for attention in app stores. You might be tempted to think that smartphone users will rapidly limit the number of apps they consume and tenaciously turn a blind eye to the ocean of applications constantly staring them in the face, but this is quite far from it.

Research has shown that an average smartphone owner launches about 9 apps a day and uses over 30 apps in a month. This result is good for app developers and for businesses. Let’s look at a few app categories and see how they play an integral part in all we do.

Social Media Apps

Social networking and instant messaging apps are the most endearing apps in the hearts of users. The reason isn’t far-fetched, humans are social beings, thus, the need to constantly communicate. They love to share their day to day experiences and be in the minds of each other.

The importance of Social media in a fast-paced business environment cannot be overemphasized. Facebook, for instance, enjoys an audience of over 1 billion active mobile users worldwide. Such a large social audience is the main reason marketing efforts by businesses will keep intensifying around the use of this social category.

Another popular social media application to closely consider is Instagram. With over 800 million active users, its function extends beyond posting of trendy pictures and videos, it makes businesses look appealing and more profitable online — anyone can sell almost anything on Instagram these days.

We particularly like the fact that people have become CEO’s and business owners overnight, and many others have been able to create profitable job roles for themselves as Instagram influencers. By building a large following through their handles and putting up engaging contents frequently, they greatly influence buying considerations for brands and businesses.

Utility Apps

Utility apps will always hold a special place because of how they make life easier. Some of them come pre-installed and perform simple functions such as reminder, flashlight and calculator. People use them often without even realising or thinking of them as apps.

Other utility apps serve many functions, for instance, apps that can help you save your data, at the same time boost your battery life. Some are suitable for compressing, converting and resizing videos, images and even text.

Other practical and economic uses can be seen in taxi apps. The hiring of a taxi has become more efficient and timelier than ever before. Working as a Taxi driver has even become more appealing in recent years in terms of returns, earnings and prestige.

Gaming Apps

Gaming apps offer some sort of satisfaction or achievement for users. They are often seen as a cure for boredom or one good way to get your mind off things, hence the repetition and increase in app engagement. If you have ever played angry birds, temple run or solitaire, then you can relate.

Mobile Payment Apps

In recent times mobile payment apps are rising in momentum and gaining grounds. This is due largely to the present drive for financial inclusions for the unbanked and the scalability of mobile phones.

When it comes to money and daily transactions, consumers care about saving time and making money. They also care about their convenience and security. NOWNOW Nigeria, for instance, is the fastest and safest mobile wallet. An app which offers a unique user experience that leaves it consumer awed by its speed and ease of transaction every time.

One effective way fintech companies are helping in the creation of jobs is through their agent network. By using the mobile payment apps and performing transactions on behalf of people in neighbourhoods without easy access to financial services, agents can earn money for themselves on daily basis.

At NOWNOW, we believe that no matter the type of app being developed, it should make life easier for people.


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