Let’s Talk About What Makes Us NOWNOW

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NowNow Team

“Hire people who are better than you, then leave them to get on with it. Look for people who would aim for the remarkable, who will not settle for the routine.”

— This is an awesome quote by David Ogilvy.

Every company has some rules they live by, with emphasis on creating an enabling and relaxing environment where creativity can thrive. Company leaders ought to debunk the idea of micromanagement and let stars be born. You can expressly see the culture of a company in their quality of work and on the broad smiles on the faces of their employees.

After all, where you work is where you spend a considerable amount of your productive time. This is enough reason for it to be home away from home. We share the same view with David Ogilvy and we would like you to meet some of the people who make the magic happen at NOWNOW. This should be fun!

Meet Ifeanyi The Workaholic

NowNow Team Member Ifeanyi

He is often the first to resume and the last to leave the office. As the product manager, Ifeanyi is the go-to guy to get all your issues resolved and questions answered with regards to NOWNOW.

He has a passion for excellence and maintains an unbelievable calmness no matter the situation. The ladies like the fact that he wears a charming smile all the time.

Anytime you find yourself in the office and you feel like nibbling on something, feel free to check his drawer. He will always have some chips or biscuit there for you.

We recently asked him why he doesn’t join the rest of the team for lunch break, and he told us in his usual calm tone that he intends to lose some weight. Hmm! With all that chips and biscuit in his drawer? Well, good luck with that Ifeanyi.

Anita Is A Happy Child

NowNow Team Member Anita

Have you ever spent some time with a child who is so peaceful and happy all the time? This is the kind of vibe you get any time you are around Anita. She seems to have a contagious joy that lightens up the whole NOWNOW atmosphere.

As a customer service executive, our customers have commended her unique ability to resolve queries with ease and on time. She always leaves a smile on their faces after every conversation.

There are a few times you would catch Anita not dressed in black. While we all agree that black colour doesn’t match her personality, we can’t deny the fact that it certainly matches her skin and brings out her beauty even more.

Ajibade Is Ever So Serious

NowNow Team Member Ajibade

As one of the coordinators of our fast-growing agent network, we can’t really blame Ajibade for being too serious all the time. Over the last 2 years, Ajibade has proven to be both efficient and skilled in onboarding and directing the affairs of our teaming agents all over the country.

We currently have the most organized network of agents, and this is all thanks to Ajibade and his team. Their disciplined and diligent approach to every responsibility regarding our agents has always been top notch.

If you want to see the fun side of Ajibade, catch him in the pantry during lunch break, when he is eating noodles and egg.

She is Emmanuella. But You Can Call Her Miss Efficient.

NowNow Team Member Emmanuella

Emmanuella leads the social media and communications team. Her ability to spot errors is not of this world. She ensures that whatever communication we put out there, be it on the web or in print, is a 100% perfect and most importantly, it is appreciated by our customers and online audience.

We call her ‘miss efficient’ because she certainly knows how to get the job done well enough and on time.

Chigozie Is Passionate

NowNow Team Member Chigozie

With Chigozie, what you see is what you get. His is passionate about almost everything and it reflects in the way he talks, and in the way that he works. He knows the NOWNOW product like he knows his name.

As a product analyst, he ensures the user acceptability of our app. Analysing and comparing our product’s performance and features with current market requirements is what he enjoys doing.

He provides the development team with detailed information on the market requirement and monitors the development of our products or services to ensure that it meets with agreed specifications.

Though most people think he is often unkind with words, yet his clever and funny disposition towards people make him the kind of person to hang around with

With this great team of people working relentlessly behind the scenes, we are confident that NOWNOW will always remain your number one fastest and safest mobile wallet. Thank you for taking the time out to meet some members of our team.


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