Productive Weekend Tips For The Working Class

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Productive Weekend Tips
You would agree that being busy doesn’t necessarily mean being productive. Productivity also means finding the time to think, relax and rest to increase productivity in the future. As a worker, the most part of your week is probably spent on your desks in the office working on routine tasks.

The weekend is probably your only hope of getting off, experiencing something different, learning something new or even being productive. But, how often does your weekend culminate with you being very satisfied? Not all the time, right? Sometimes, your level of productivity during the week is the aftermath of how good or bad your weekend went.

So, let’s take a look at some of the things that can make your weekend a super productive and enjoyable one.

Your weekend needs to feel different from your weekdays.

Your weekend is a good time to engage in non-work activities that foster your happiness, relieve stress and encourage your creativity. So, routine activities should be as minimal as possible. Simple activities like taking a walk in the park alone or with your family or friends is a start.

Instead of eating lunch at home, you could opt for a picnic lunch. Invite friends if you think it will be much fun. The idea is to have fun not to add stress, so there’s absolutely no need to go too far, look for a shady spot around and enjoy the day with your loved ones.

How about a board or card games? This is a good way to engage your mind while also having fun. You could also do some decluttering. It will amaze you how much clutter you have amassed from weeks of being too busy and how much relief you will feel when you declutter.

Clean your closet and give out some of the good stuff to someone in need. Oh! What joy you would feel knowing that you put a smile on somebody’s face.

Other things you could do differently is to go on bike riding as a way of exercising and burning out the excess sugar and fats from consuming too much junk food and soda during the week.

Enjoy it, but do not try to do everything

If you’re going to write a to-do list of some of the things you would love to do during the weekend, you’d probably spend a whole year still unable able to do those things.

So, it’s best that weekend plans are prioritized. As much as possible narrow your weekend activities to the best 2 or 3 that would yield maximum impact. This will save you some stress and that frustrating feeling of not having achieved much. In prioritizing, ask yourself what efforts each activity will require and what impact or satisfaction will be gained.

Start early and set time limits

Like every other day, starting early is a very effective way to get more things done and quickly. For instance, it will be better to do your laundry and other chores early enough to free you up to have fun, relax or even do other productive obligations.

If you choose to do some office work, then endeavour to set time limits. This is to ensure that there are boundaries and your work life doesn’t overshoot into your personal life. Besides, setting time limits will help you focus and finish the task quickly and allow you enough time to enjoy your weekend with your family.

Learn a skill for the job you want or the promotion you desire

You’re probably never going to have the time to horn the skills you need for your promotion or the next job you desire if you don’t factor this into your weekend time. Though it might bring you a great deal of stress and even cost you a good amount of personal and family time, as well as money. The suffering is always for a short while, but the result would enrich you for a lifetime.

Rest and catch up on all the sleep you need

As a worker, you are very likely to fall short of the recommended 8–9 hours of sleep. This could be caused by waking up too early and sleeping too late or having to work late into the night to meet up with deadlines. Lack of sleep is associated with certain illnesses, some of which, could even be fatal. It is also a major cause of low productivity in the workplace.

As much as possible, try to maintain a healthy sleeping routine during the weekdays. If this would be a difficult thing to do due to the nature of your job, the weekend is, however, a good time to make up for all the hours of sleep you may have missed during the week. Your body will thank you for this.

Finally, learn to give yourself a break, your body, soul and spirit need it. You can choose to pick a Saturday or Sunday to rest, reflect and meditate. Make this a habit and you will be amazed at how refreshed you will be in every new week.


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