Accept Contactless Payments Securely From Your Phone

Make life easier. Securely tap and pay in seconds. No PIN code, no hardware required!

How To Use NowNow’s Fully
Integrated NFC Wallet

Turn your phone into a payment terminal. NowNow Tap n Pay is Fast,
Secure and Contactless

Accept payment from:

  • Agent
  • Merchants
  • Consumers

Wallet 2 Wallet

Card 2 Wallet

Wallet 2 POS

Card 2 POS

How It Works

Open the App on your phone


Select "Tap n Pay"


Enter Amount




Offer Phone or POS to the customer to tap (About 2 inches)


Transaction complete (Remember to get your receipt)




(Easy to use)


(Cleaner than cash)


(Payment takes a sec)


(Receipt available)


(High safety standard)

Frequently Asked Questions

Do all phones support mobile payments?
No. Tap and Pay works on Android 5.0 smartphones (or newer versions) with Near-Field Communication (NFC).
How do I know if my smartphone has NFC?
Go to ‘Settings’ menu on your phone.
On the search option, type “NFC” or “Near Field Communication”. If you see the app, then your smartphone supports NFC technology.
Where can I use it?
You can use Tap and Pay on NowNow wallet whether you use a consumer and Agent App.
How do I get started?
Download the NowNow app from the Google Play Store and signup on the App as either consumer, merchant or Agent. Thereafter, it’s as easy as 123!
How to Use NowNow Tap and Pay on Phone
Step 1: Open the App on your phone

Step 2: Select Tap n Pay

Step 3: Enter amount

Step 3: Enter mPin

Step4: Offer phone or POS to the customer to tap

Step 5: Transaction complete(remember to get your receipt)

Is it Safe?
Tap and Pay is very secure. It uses the same strong security as physical payment terminals. It is a convenient and trustworthy way to pay, as consumers do not need to hand over their cards to sellers when paying.
How do I tap on the phone?
Once you are prompted to pay by the consumer or Agent, place your enabled mobile device within 1 to 2 inches of the other party’s phone and follow the prompts.
What If I mistakenly tap my card twice?
If that happens, you will only be debited once. This is because each transaction generates a one-time code before payment is made.

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