New Tap and Pay feature to revolutionize contactless payments in Nigeria.

Ever wanted to make a purchase using your credit card or bank account and the POS or banking network just doesn’t seem to work, or you’re about to make a payment and realized you forgot your wallet at home?


Well, Africa’s fasted fastest  growing fintech and e- payments solution platform NowNow Digital System Limited has introduced an innovative Tap and Pay feature to the list of its platforms functionalities. NowNow’s new Tap & Pay feature transforms smartphones into digital point-of-sale terminals using cutting-edge Near field communication technologies (NFC). The new feature will allow for seamless contactless transactions without the need for an additional device and customers only require a smartphone and the NowNow application.


Here’s how it’ll work;


For a customer, all you need is to have a NowNow account, which you can set up for free, and an NFC compatible device. 


For Merchants and agents, however, you’ll also need NowNow’s newly unveiled SoftPOS, a ground-breaking feature that allows individuals or businesses to accept card payments directly on their phones or devices without the need for any additional software.

The New Tap & Pay and SoftPOS features aim to revolutionize contactless e-payments in Nigeria while also advocating for financial inclusion, by allowing consumers, merchants, and vendors, to send and receive payments from any hypermarket, retail supermarket, or retail payment with just their smartphone or their physical cards.


Tap & Pay is a secure financial transaction that can be completed with Android smartphones, ATM cards, and point-of-sale (POS) systems. The distinction between NowNow Tap & Pay and other traditional payment methods is that Tap & Pay makes secure and quick payments using a short-range wireless technology called Near Field Communication (NFC). 


Wave goodbye to bulky wallets once you switch to NowNow, for faster, safer and more reliable transactions made seamlessly from versatile payment devices. NowNow’s NFC-enabled Tap & Pay and SoftPOS systems offer customer-to-customer, customer-to-business services, as well as agent-to-customer interactions. NowNow merchants and people may use secure and simple payment solutions thanks to these possibilities.


Download the NowNow app on any android or IOS device today and enjoy seamless transactions