What if your favorite celebrities lived with you?

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Get Entertainment Anywhere with NowNow

If you love watching movies and TV shows, you have probably imagined how it would be to live with your celebrities at some point. While it may not be entirely possible physically, you definitely can do it virtually and all you need is your phone and NowNow app!

We are talking about carrying your entertainment wherever you go and watching your favorite celebrities don your favorite characters in shows/movies or enjoying them in their raw element on reality shows.

Get Entertainment Anywhere, Anytime with NowNow

You may have heard about NowNow being the loved app for online money transfer services but there is a lot more to this app. You can now find unlimited content for entertainment on the NowNow app! Here’s why:

An array of entertainment options

The app has everything for your entertainment needs. Whether it is music, sports, or movies that you need to watch, the app has it all.

User friendly

Streaming entertainment services on NowNow is simple. This makes it an ideal option for all age groups. Gift your senior parents a subscription for entertainment services on NowNow to ensure that they are never bored. There is no major setup required for streaming on NowNow.

Seamless Watching Experience

Tired of waiting for commercials to get over? Not anymore! There are absolutely no interruptions in between shows on the app so that you can enjoy your favorite celebrities’ shows with zero disturbances.

Don’t fret about poor data coverage

One of the best features of the NowNow streaming services is that users get to download programs and can always watch them offline later. This is the ideal app for anyone who is always on the go and especially while traveling where you may be in areas with poor data coverage.

Affordable Plans

Streaming does not have to be expensive! NowNow wants Nigerians to enjoy their favorite entertainment genres without having to shell out a bomb. Streaming services subscription on the NowNow app starts at as low as 200 nairas.

To get streaming services on the NowNow app, click on the Entertainment icon on the app and choose your preferred subscription plan and pay for it. That is all! You are set to enjoy your favorite celebrities’ shows and movies.

NowNow is all about empowering Nigerians digitally. The app has an easy online money transfer service, 24/7 online health consultations, and even facilities for online bill payment for electricity. All of the services are easy to use and tailored to make life easier for its users.



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