Carry out transactions like send money, receive money and
pay bills like airtime top-ups, buy data, TV subscription,
internet, betting, health,insurance, car renewal paper,
WAEC, and make commission from it.


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Low transaction fees

Earn more commission with our low transaction fees. Plus what you earn is what you receive, no stories!


Android POS

Get a smart Android device with 8hours battery for smooth operation of your business!

Reliable Network

Enjoy peace of mind with our fast, secure and reliable network.

24 hrs

24/7 Customer Service

Our friendly customer service executives are ever ready to support you and your business all the way.

Become an Agent

NowNow App

Accept and receive payments using your NowNow app- from a phone number or account number


Get a NowNow POS device for your business. Get paid fast with low rates, instant settlement and so much more!

Payment Link

Don’t have a Website? No Problem! Create a link, share with your customers and get paid, fast! Plus your customers can pay you in installments.

QR Code

Enjoy the flexibility of accepting contactless payments quickly and securely. Get your customers to scan to pay in seconds. No more long queues!

Deposit Money

Your outlet is a mini-bank in the neighborhood. You can help send money to your customers’ NowNow account, bank account or phone number.

Withdraw Money

Customers make a transfer to your NowNow app, you give them cash. No it’s not for free, you make a good commission from it!

Buy Airtime

Recharge airtime for your customers! Plus they get up to 5% cash back!

Buy data

Recharge data for your customers, their friends or family.

Pay TV

Pay for tv Subscription on GOTV, DSTV and more for your customers. It only takes a few minutes.


Recharge electricity unit or your customers’ meter and make a commission!


Help your customers to pay a little fee to get access to 24×7 medical advice online.


Buy large amounts of data from internet providers for your customers.


Help your customers protect what matters most to them!

NowNow MyBiz

You get access to millions of potential buyers when you sell your products on NowNow platform. Grow your business with SME marketplace Hub

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Tap and Pay

Turn your Android smartphone into a payment terminal! Accept and receive contactless payments from a phone,
card or POS.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s answer some of your questions

How do I get started after downloading the app?

Signup on the app by filling only your name and Email.

How long does it take to credit an agent’s wallet?

An agent’s wallet is credited as soon as deposit is effected at the bank.

Why should I become a NowNow Agent?

– Enjoy large commissions daily.

– Retain up to 60% on transaction charges.

– Free Smart POS device

– Sell recharge card/ e-top-up

– Reliable network 24/7 and customer service

– Plus free branding materials for your store including signage t-shirts, face caps, banners, etc.

What services can I perform on the NowNow platform?

– Bill payments

– Send Money to anyone using their account number or phone number

– Mobile recharge

– Buy data

– Electricity

– Betting


– Insurance

What are your requirements for becoming an Agent?

– Have an android phone

– A minimum of N10, 000 deposited in your wallet for transactions.

– Be able to read and write

– Have an shop/business outlet

– Have a valid ID card (Driver’s license, National ID card, Int’l passport, Voters’ card)

– A passport photograph

– Proof of Address (Utility bills e.g. PHCN, LAWMA)

– Financial/Bank account detail or statements

How does the agent platform work?

– Register as a NowNow agent

– Undergo a short training on how to perform the transactions using the app.

– Start vending the following services; airtime in VTU form or as e-PINs, buy data, pay bills, transfer money to any bank account in Nigeria and send money to any phone number on behalf of customers.

What is the difference between personal and business accounts?

NowNow personal account gives customers better access to their money whenever they need it. Customers can send transfers, receive money and pay bills in real-time on the app.

The business account is for businesses to carry out transactions(Agents) on behalf of others and accept payments(Merchants) from customers.

Download the NowNow app today to enjoy the New New way to bank

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