Payment collection is one of the things that can make or break a business-whether small or big. This is where payment link comes in. 

For instance, if customers are unable to make timely payments, this could hamper the business’s growth including the merchant’s ability to restock inventory, pay salaries and invest in the necessary infrastructure. 

What is Payment Link?

Payment Links is one of the simplest ways for merchants on MyBiz to speedily and efficiently collect payment.  Essentially,  payment link is a unique URL directing users to a secure payment page.  Likewise, the customized page facilitates a specific transaction, allowing businesses to receive payments seamlessly. Hence, business owners can sell anywhere and get paid anytime without much stress. 

How Do Payment Links Work?

A payment link is simple to use and involves three easy to create steps

  • Payment link creation
  • Link sharing
  • Payment completion

The mechanics behind payment links is straightforward. When a business or merchant needs to receive a payment, they generate a payment link through MyBiz payment platform. Als, it is pretty easy to create one and it only takes minutes.

Equally, as a merchant, you can create a payment link and send it to your customers via SMS or email, or any social media messaging app to receive money from your customers anytime, anywhere. Subsequently, once the payer clicks on the payment link, it goes through to a secure payment page where details of the transaction are displayed. 

What is more, with a payment link, you can offer your customers a wide range of convenient payment sources, including debit cards and transfers from bank accounts or mobile wallets. Next, let’s see how to create one. 

How to Create a Payment Link from MyBiz Dashboard

As a matter of fact, creating payment link is easy. All you need to create a payment link is to login into your MyBiz app or register as a merchant on MyBiz.

Step 1: Log into your MyBiz account

Step 2: Click on Money Transfer

Step 3: Choose Generate Payment Link at the top right corner.

Step 4: Enter the Receiver Name and Amount

Step 5: Choose to share link via SMS or Email

Step 6: Add Phone Number

Step 7: Enter your PIN to create link

That’s it!

Bottom Line

To sum up, MyBiz payment links offer tremendous advantages to you and your customers. Hence, once agreed upon, customers can pay using their preferred payment source including debit cards.

Finally, If you are interested in using the Payment link feature, download and signup on MyBiz today and accept payments faster.