NowNow app is about giving you full control of how you spend your money. And one of the ways to be a Boss Boss is to have money- even if it’s the dash kind.

As one of the ways of giving back, we are launching Download and Get 500 Naira.

Download the NowNow App and get a 500 naira instant bonus is for new users who want to manage their money right using their phone.

How can I get the Bonus?

To be eligible for the Download and Get 500 Naira bonus, you’ll need to download the NowNow app on ios or play store. Once you successfully register, an instant bonus of 500 will be credited to your wallet ID. It’s that easy.

Share the love

Already have the NowNow app? Then give friends and family members a chance to enjoy this bonus. Or you can share the flier on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Whatsapp for your friends or family to see-they will thank you for it.

Get NowNow app and enjoy the new new way to bank. Good luck!