Grow Your Business With the New NowNow POS Device

Imagine you are at your place of business. After huddling with a potential customer and the price has been determined, the customer leaves because you only accept cash or there are network issues with your bank app and you are unwilling to risk selling a product without confirming payment. 

If you have been in this situation where you rely on only one means of payment, your business needs the new NowNow POS device. 

Why NowNow POS device?

NowNow POS device helps you accept cashless payment methods for your business. Additionally, you can sell anywhere and issue receipts with an inbuilt printer. The new POS device is fast, secure and easy to use for any business to provide a quick payment option for you to meet the demands of your 21st-century customers.   

Here are some key ways NowNow POS Machine can help grow your business

All-in-One Payments Solution

Accept multiple payments depending on how your customer chooses to pay you using the NowNow all-in-one POS device. You can receive instant payment from debit cards, bank transfers, mobile wallets and QR codes.

Host Multiple Platforms 

The new and improved POS allows you to host multiple platforms. You can keep track of both the merchant and the  agent platform on a single device. Additionally, you get access to the online and in-store payment view on one dashboard. 

Manage Store Operations 

It’s an easy task to manage the products in your store with the NowNow POS. With this feature, you never have to worry about theft from shop assistance as every product is accounted for.

Track Your Sales Performance

Get business insights on how well your business is performing. Know your monthly sales, top buying customers and your top-selling products.

Same Day Settlement

All payments received from daily sales will  reflect and enter your wallet balance instantly without delay.

Send Invoices

Customers receive payment invoices instantly making it easy for them to access them anytime. You as a merchant also get to save additional costs on paper rolls.

Secure Payments

Security is of utmost importance to us and our device ensures that all transactions made from the POS are safe and secure. 


Smart merchants are upgrading to the new POS all across the country to meet the demands of the 21st century. You too should be thinking along the same line. So what are you waiting for? Get your NowNow POS, dial +234 0700-066-9669 to request one and our team will get you one soon.