Sometimes, it gets overwhelming tracking the number of products left in your inventory, knowing which variant of a product is available or even when your stock is low and you need to restock.

Well, we are excited to let you know that all these and more are possible to manage from your mobile phone using the Add Products feature on MyBiz by NowNow.  

First, you need to register or login to your app, create a storefront if you haven’t already and then add products to your store.

Step by Step Guide on How To List Your Product On MyBiz 

    • Login  to MyBiz 
    • Select Product Details
    • Click Add Product
    • Enter Product Details and click the Next button
    • Select Product Amount and Save 
    • Add Variant (if any)
    • Click on the Save button

If you’d like to watch a video, here it is

That’s it. 

You have successfully listed a Product on MyBiz. 

The Payment Page will automatically publish. You can repeat these steps to add more  products and  you can start managing your product inventory from your phone with ease.