NowNow is leading the way a new safe, secure, and convenient payment solutions for both consumers and merchants. This time, we proudly present the NowNow QR code stickers, an innovative payment acceptance tool designed to help you as a merchant get paid quickly and efficiently on MyBiz wallet ID.

Key Takeaways

  • NowNow introduces innovative QR code stickers for fast and efficient payments.
  • Embracing NowNow’s QR payment tools can enhance your business with fast and reliable payments.
  • The NowNow Scan To Pay feature empowers merchants for a seamless payment experience.

Benefits of NowNow QR Code To Your Business:

  • Firstly, payments are easy and safe, ensuring simple, hassle-free, and secure transactions.
  • Additionally, experience superfast transactions by accepting payments with lightning speed using the QR code method.
  • Furthermore, for SMEs, MSMEs, and large SMEs, NowNow scan to pay is the ultimate solution to drive your business to new heights.

Who Can Use NowNow QR Code

SMES (Small and Medium range businesses) and Large businesses can use the QR code stickers to accept seamless payments for their business.  You can use QR codes in different

Get Paid in Seconds

Without a doubt, using QR codes to get paid is a breeze. Customers get to pay fast, secure and convenient transactions. On the side of the merchant, they get to close out transactions in seconds. 

Therefore, get your QR sticker today and start accepting flawless payments from all debit cards and banks. If you have the QR sticker in your shop, your customers can scan it to pay you.

Simply instruct your customers to

  • Open their NowNow 
  • Select “Scan QR code” as the payment option.
  • Use their mobile phone to scan your NowNow Merchant QR Code.
  • Merchant details will be displayed on their phone.
  • Enter the amount and add a PIN to approve the payment.
  • That’s it! The transaction is successful, and a payment receipt can be downloaded and shared.

How To Pay Using NowNow QR Code(Customers)

  • Login to the NowNow App.
  • Click on ‘Scan & Receive’.
  • Hold your phone over the QR code within the scan area.
  • Choose the payment option.
  • Enter the amount, mPIN, and OTP.
  • Complete the transaction.
  • You will be promptly notified of the transaction status.

Bottom Line

In summary, by embracing our QR payment acceptance tools, you open the doors to grow your business with fast and reliable payments. NowNow Scan To Pay ensures a seamless payment experience, empowering merchants like never before. 

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your business to new heights. Get started today!