There’s a common saying that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. It’s a time when there’s lots of fun, enjoyment and parties galore. Guess what? It can also be a very stressful period. Worrying about the impact the Christmas festival will have on your finances or how to prepare business to boost sales can cause anxiety. So here are some tips that can help you cope with money worries this Christmas season.

Key Takeaways

  • Shop early to avoid the last-minute rush and higher prices.
  • Create a realistic budget covering all expenses, such as gifts, clothing, and entertainment.
  • Consider buying secondhand clothing and shoes to save money.
  • Focus on creating memorable experiences rather than spending on extravagant places.
  • Take advantage of offers, discounts, and promotions to reduce costs.
  • Learn to say no to additional spending, explaining your budget constraints to friends and family.


1. Shop Early 

The closer it is to Christmas, the more expensive things get. Let us not forget to add rowdy too. So try not to leave your shopping till the last minute. If you can start your shopping early, do so.  

2. Create a Budget

While we all want to do Detty December and paint the town red, sometimes it’s not possible. That’s why you need to create a realistic budget for yourself and your family and stick to it. Make provision in your budget for every expenses like fuel, gifts, clothes, cinemas, etc. By writing down these items, you will know whether you can afford the budget or whether you need to cut down on anything. 

3. Try buying Secondhand 

Another way to limit your spending this Christmas is to reduce how much you spend on clothing and shoes. If you can afford designers, go ahead. If can’t, look for good second-hand clothes and shoes popularly called Okrika. You can look good wearing them without breaking the bank.  

4. Focus More on Experience than Places.

Do things differently this year by focusing more on creating memorable experiences than actual places. For instance, instead of going out, eat-home cooked food. You could involve your loved ones in baking or preparing the meal. That way, it becomes a fun activity where everyone bonds. Other ideas could be decorating the Christmas tree together, playing games, and so on. 

5. Make Use of Offers and Discounts

During the festive season, you might take advantage of companies that offer promos, cashback, free deliveries or discounts to see a movie, a trip to Dubai, lunch hangout with a celebrity and so on. Participating and winning in any of these offers could help you spend less while having fun!


Say No to Additional Spending.

The holiday season encourages generosity but that does not mean you should overspend and go into debt. Once you start to feel pressured to spend more on hangouts with friends or buy that aseobi cloth that you really can’t afford, then say No. Explain to your close friends and families that you have a budget and need to stick to it. 


Christmas is a time to relax and have fun. You will hardly relax if you have money worries this Christmas or during the holidays periods.  If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed because of too much to do with less money, you might want to use these tips so, you do not put yourself under unnecessary pressure.