My Padi, NowNow debit Mastercard Card don show!

And we are taking card requests!

If you are wondering why you need to get the card, well here are a few reasons.

One app connected to your card

Your card is linked to your wallet, so you can pay via POS, ATM, Web any any where, any any time!

Card is free

That’s right! NowNow card is free. But you’ve got to have at least N1,000 in your wallet before you can request for a card. As soon as you activate your card, the N1000 will be refunded back to your wallet. And we ship to any location within Nigeria of your choice.

100% Secure

If you are ever in a situation where your card gets stolen or compromised? No just worry yourself! Just block, unblock or freeze your card with a tap from your app.

Set transaction limit

If you are the if i broke na my business type geng, this feature is designed for you. Set how much you want to spend on a daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly basis on either POS, ATM or Web channel- all from your app.

QR Code Enabled

A fan of scan to pay? You sure will love this feature. The NowNow card comes with a QR code so when next you see a Nownow Agent, you can try it out!

3Ds Safetoken

With our 3D and safetoken, you get less worries when paying on the web. Just access your virtual card (na free o) from the app to see your card details. You even get an OTP request for you to verify that it’s you that is making the online payment.

Want to Pay With Confidence? Order your rainbow card:👇

For existing NowNow customers, all you have to do is:

✨Tap the menu button on the top left of your app
✨ Select Card and it lands on the virtual card screen
✨Swipe virtual card image to the left to see “Get a Physical Card’’
✨Tap “Order a Physical Card” button
✨Enter your NowNow app 4-digit PIN
✨ Enter 4 digit OTP sent to your phone number
✨Specify your address
✨Confirm your address
✨ Click on Order a Physical Card
✨Card Successfully Ordered
Congratulations! Your NowNow card is on its way to your doorstep!

If you’re not a customer already, Download the NowNow app to get started! Don’t wait around though, there’s only a limited supply!