Are you a gaming guru? Do you love to play games and are on the lookout for where to download your next game? Well, we’ve got some exciting news for you. NowNow partners with PlanetPlay, the world’s first climate-conscious game marketplace, to introduce something truly epic – the EcoDonate platform, to level up your gaming experience.

A Better Way To Play & Save The World

At NowNow, we take pride in making life easier and more convenient for all our customers. We give you complete control of your money. Hence, our teaming up with PlanetPlay gives you an awesome way to play your favorite games and save too!  What’s more, by downloading games on the PlanetPlay marketplace, you’re also supporting environmental projects, like the Hongera Clean Cookstove Project in Kenya. Infact, it’s like being a gaming superhero with a side hustle of saving the earth!

So, What’s the Deal?

Starting from November 15, NowNow users get a special bonus. If you sign up on PlanetPlay, you receive 500MB of data for free – yes, you read that right! As a NowNow customer, you’ll find this fantastic deal waiting for you in your wallet.

How to Claim This Special Offer

If you’re a fan of top games like Subway Surfers, here’s what you need to do;

  • Log into your NowNow app.
  • Then, scroll down and tap the “Get 500 MB” image.
  • You’ll be redirected to PlanetPlay; sign up there.
  • Once signed up, a code will be sent to you. This code can be used to snag 500 MB for free in your NowNow app.

There you have it – get your game face on, gamers! Let’s play for the planet and make a real impact.

In conclusion, NowNow partners with PlanetPlay to give 500MB free data to download your favourite games. If you don’t have a NowNow wallet yet, no worries! Download NowNow app on Apple store and Play Store and sign up in minutes to jump on board this sweet deal from NowNow partnership with Planetplay. Happy gaming!