The new new way to bank is about you being a boss, in full control of your money. But to be a Boss, you must keep track of where and how much money you spend daily.  In this post, we will show you how easy it is to view your transaction history on NowNow wallet.

How to Check Transaction History on NowNow wallet.

  • Login to the NowNow app on your mobile device
  • On the home screen, tap the menu bar, click on Transaction History 
  • Enter your PIN
  • Scroll down to find your entire transaction history
  • You can click on any particular transaction to check status of transactions (whether successful or not), transaction time, amount, and so on.
  • You can also share the details of any particular transaction by clicking on the ‘Share’ option on the top right corner of this screen.

Bottom Line

Staying on top of your budget is easy when you understand how and where your money is going. Luckily, NowNow gives you the insights you need to monitor your daily spending and reach your financial goals-all from your mobile phone.

Download and register on the NowNow app today. Signup in 5 mins and discover a new way of banking that suits your lifestyle.