Scammers are everywhere, coming up with different tactics to scam people of their hard-earned money and you are your best defense against them. 

NowNow takes your security seriously and is doing everything to protect your money from scammers. We also want to educate our users about the tactics these fraudsters are using and share security tips on scams.

Red Flags For Financial Scams

If you get a DM or chat from social media(especially Facebook) and see any of the following, there’s a good chance it’s a scam: 

  •  We are doing a wallet upgrade for 2023. To verify your account, send me the six-digit code that we sent to your phone. 
  • You have won a cashback . We need your 6-digit PIN to confirm you are the authentic owner of the wallet. 
  • We will send you a link so you can upgrade your POS device or become a merchant.
  • You qualify for a loan with us. Send me the six-digit OTP you have received so we can process a  loan for you. 
  • Your wallet has been blocked due to a failed sign in request from an unknown device. 


How To Stay Safe And Protect Yourself

No genuine NowNow employees will ever ask you for your OTP, BVN, mPIN, or Card details via chat, sms, phone, or email

Here are some security tips you can use to protect your money from scammers 

  1. Guard your personal information

Never share your OTP, Pin, or your NowNow debit card details (your card number, expiry date, PIN, and CVC) with anyone. 

       2.Pay the safest way.

Debit cards, especially Virtual Cards, are the safest way to pay for online purchases. Activate yours today! 

       3. Be cautious about unsolicited emails.

Never download any suspicious link via sms or email from any source. 

        4. Stay safe online

Watch out for websites without the ‘s’ in “https” or the tiny padlock symbol. 

         5. Resist Social Media Pressure

Keep personal information personal. Hackers may use them to guess your password or answer security questions. 


None of our representatives will ever ask you for your personal account details over the phone. Be cautious and alert us to any suspicious activities that you may come across. 

If you encounter any suspicious activity, drop the call or stop the chat and reach our team at or call us at 07000-669-669 to confirm. Also, if you think your information has been compromised, you should change your password immediately. 

What Is NowNow Doing About This? 

While we work at shutting down fake social media accounts as quickly as possible, we encourage you to guard your personal information carefully. Set up biometric details on your NowNow wallet for additional security.