Do you own a roadside kiosk, grocery store, supermarket, or a large establishment across Nigeria? We have something great in store for your business. In this blog, we will explore how merchants can leverage MyBiz by NowNow to seamlessly accept payments and efficiently manage their businesses.

What is MyBiz ?

MyBiz is a comprehensive solution designed for small, medium, and large businesses to effortlessly accept payments from their customers through various channels, including POS devices, bank transfers, cards, and QR codes. There are many reasons to choose MyBiz for your business(add link)

MyBiz provides fast and secure payment acceptance solutions to Merchants. Payment Acceptance via debit cards, bank transfers, POS devices, wallet-to-wallet transfers, QR codes, and payment links. You can create a MyBiz account in a few minutes.

Watch how to sign up for MyBiz.




Discover the best solution tailored to your business and sign up on  MyBiz in just five minutes using your smartphone.”