NowNow has been a leader in changing how Nigerians send money to one another. Whether it is sending money to an individual to an enterprise, the payment app has it all covered. With NowNow – the everything app not only can you get paid easily without worrying about losing business to credit problems. You can do a lot more – make your life easier as you go along your daily chores by going cashless!

Why should you choose NowNow for your business?
NowNow is a beneficial element to your business, especially if you do not have a website or other online channel to receive payments. The brand has been about financially empowering Nigerians and this feature is especially for businesses. Here are some of the features of NowNow Pay that can help your business:

A. Secure Platform

The NowNow Pay platform offers complete credibility and is compliant with all regulations to ensure that your transactions are 100% secure. The platform is SHA-256 encrypted and compliant with PCI DSS standards. Additionally, the NowNow Pay offers support round the clock for its patrons with 24-hour measures for fraud and chargeback prevention.

B. Location no bar

The internet has helped businesses find clients from across the world and don’t let lack of payment gateways be a roadblock. NowNow Pay makes it easier for you to get paid in more than one type of currency and from customers globally in a seamless manner.

C. User-friendly

NowNow ensures that using the platform is as easy as 123 for all its users, irrespective of how tech-savvy they are. The user interface is beginner-friendly. Having said that, we also make it easier for you to take control of data related to your transactions. The platform features data reporting mechanisms that happen in real-time and is made available on an easy-to-use dashboard.

D. Round-the-clock business

With the NowNow Pay platform, you can receive payments at all hours of the day and night. Deal with clients from anywhere while you are on the go without having to worry about bank timings to complete the transactions.

How to start receiving payments through NowNow?

The process to request payments from customers hardly takes a few minutes and requires only three steps:
Enter the merchant’s name and the details on the transaction(including price and description of the transaction) on the app.

Receive the generated payment link

Share it with customers through multiple channels including mail, WhatsApp, and various other social media platforms.

Even as an individual you can make use of NowNow for several financial services. You can now make online money transfer easily with the app to your friends and family. NowNow as a brand is helping Nigerians get stronger and not just on the financial front. It has a unique online health consultation platform that lets users get video consultations 24/7 without having to worry about physically going to a healthcare facility.  Whether it is for a business to get payments or for individuals to complete functions like mobile money transfer, NowNow is turning out to be the digital buddy we all need.


Download the NowNow app today to enjoy the New New way to bank

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