New Year celebrations are different this year all over the world, considering the health and economic consequences of the pandemic. Many will miss being with their loved ones, but this year, make it a little better with NowNow. Hence, let’s explore ways you can have a wonderful cerebration by making NowNow cash the best present this new year

NowNow As The Best Present This New Year

There’s a lot you can do to make someone’s New Year more cheerful and brighter with NowNow. In essence, NowNow goes beyond a mere transaction – it’s a conduit of shared happiness and elevated cheer. Therefore, here are some compelling ways to w


4 Ways To Included NowNow into the Your Celebrations.

Ensure a New Year that sparkles with shared joy and financial well-being by

Tell Your Kids You Are Always There for Them

Show your love to your kids through the New Year gift of NowNow Cash. Easily transfer money over the app, regardless of your or your kids’ location. Also,  ensure you’re connected and supportive, even if you can’t be physically present.

Show Gratitude to Your Parents, Even If You Can’t Physically Be with Them. Next, if you’re missing doing something special for your parents this New Year, send them cash through NowNow. Make their New Year merrier by showing them that you are there for them always, even if you can’t be together physically. Indeed, it will be a Christmas to remember.

Don’t Let Someone Miss Out on New Year’s Joy Due to Financial Crunches: Know someone who could do with some additional money this festive season? Make an online money transfer with NowNow. All you need is their mobile number, and you can be a part of spreading joy and happiness.

Why Choose NowNow Online Money Transfer?

If you’re still not convinced why NowNow cash is one of the best New Year’s presents, here are some reasons to persuade you:

Contactless Gifting: When you choose to gift your loved ones through NowNow, you don’t have to worry about offering them cash that has been exposed to several other hands before reaching them. Additionally, your loved ones can use the money as they please in a contactless manner with the NowNow payments option, whether for entertainment, health consultation, or other services on the app.

No Need to Plan Ahead: NowNow cash can be sent to anyone through its online money transfer, irrespective of the sender or recipient’s location. As a result, you don’t have to plan for a gift shopping trip; you can do the transfer right on New Year’s day from your home for near and dear ones all over the world.

Banking Made Easy for All: NowNow is all about making Nigerians feel financially empowered. Evidently, the mobile app is designed to give you full control of your money, providing a secure system and round-the-clock service. With hassle-free transfers within a matter of seconds, NowNow makes banking easy.

Download the NowNow app today and send happiness to everyone you want. Not just that, you can even get a BNPL loan in a jiffy for utility services with the NowNow platform.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, apart from financial services, the mobile app also provides other useful services like buying airtime, electricity, paying TV subscriptions, and more. That’s not all, it also offers entertainment and health consultations. Finally, make this New Year special with NowNow! Gift your loved ones the best present this new year with NowNow cash.

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