From web series to short films to feature films in multiple languages, online streaming services have changed the game, especially for those who prefer enjoying these shows and movies from the comfort and safety of their homes or while on the go. Gone are the days when accessing these was an expensive affair, At NowNow we are bringing a whole new world of entertainment to Nigerians.

Give yourself a much-needed break

Why limit yourself to using the NowNow app only for online bill payment of electricity or for sending money, when you can do so much more with it? You don’t have to worry about hygiene in public spaces like theatres anymore when you can just watch the best movies on your phone with NowNow’s entertainment services from anywhere you want.

Don’t let your work or studies burden your mind and give it a little break by catching up on your favorite show. All you need to have is a NowNow app and use it for more than just online bill payments or money transfers to make the most of it.

Moreover, you don’t need to worry about whether your credit/debit card will be accepted or not or even the lack of a banking account to subscribe to a streaming platform. This is all you have to do:

Open your NowNow app and click on the Entertainment icon

Choose the subscription plan of your choice and pay from NowNow wallet (you can even go to NowNow agent and Pay in Cash)

And you are set for weekends full of unlimited movies, sports, and music!

Why choose NowNow unlimited services for your entertainment needs?

Easy on your pocket

Find a vast collection of movies and shows with NowNow streaming subscription plans that cost as low as 200 naira. The process to subscribe and cancel are easy and can be done whenever the user wants.

Offline-watch feature to the rescue!

If you are someone who is constantly on the go and doesn’t want to miss out on your favorite show, the NowNow streaming service is for you! With the NowNow app, you can now download shows and watch it later, even offline. In addition, it is the best friend you need while traveling, to enjoy shows and movies even if you don’t have a good network or are out of data.

Zero disturbances

Hate interruptions while you are watching something? Then the NowNow app is just for you as ZERO commercials play in the middle of shows or movies on the NowNow app, making entertainment a truly enjoyable experience.

Bottom Line

In summary, An entire array of services are waiting for you in your NowNow app, download it today to enjoy them all. Just like you can do online bill payments, get loans, transfer money or watch movies from anywhere you are, with NowNow, you can even consult a doctor without physically visiting one. Online healthcare consultation services are available all time of the day and night for NowNow users. Download the NowNow app NOW!


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