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Lack of money should not keep your dreams from soaring. Whether it is for an emergency or for that important purchase you need to make, falling short of capital can put a dent in your plans. Making financial assistance more accessible is key to help communities grow and NowNow is a fintech force that is helping make this possible in Nigeria. This app for online money transfer also offers loans for its users whenever they need it.

Loan within Minutes

NowNow understands that a delay in getting monetary help can be a question of life or death in cases like medical emergency. Use the NowNow easy loaning services to get aid within a matter of a few minutes in a hassle-free process. Don’t wait for lengthy loan approval processes anymore as the app completes the process for you entirely without having you to visit a bank or a financial institution physically.

Waiting for your friend to transfer money for completing an online bill payment? Don’t be late to pay your bills, just loan it from the NowNow app. You can use the app for online money transfer as well but why wait for someone to send it when you can get it from the app directly?

This is how the loan services work on the NowNow wallet:

Log in to the app, select the Loan icon, and select one of the loan offers presented.

Fill in the relevant customer details

That is all, once you have completed these steps the loan amount is sent directly to your NowNow wallet.

Why Loan it from NowNow?

NowNow is making it easier for people to complete a variety of transactions from online bill payment of electricity to sending/receiving money through its user-friendly app. What is most remarkable is that the app is uplifting the underbanked. The NowNow loan services are intended at empowering people and not to create a financial burden. Here is why you should take a loan from NowNow:

Faster than traditional loaning sources

The process of getting money on a loan through the NowNow app is just a matter of few minutes. The user has an array of options to choose from depending on the need. Once he/she has selected the loan offer, all they have to do is send the request and wait for the process to complete in the next few minutes.

Paperwork-free loan process 

The paperwork for a loan is one of the most common roadblocks for most Nigerians to get financial assistance. NowNow is addressing this issue by offering a process that does not call for any collateral or extensive paperwork, widening the scope of consumers who can get a loan.

Transparent and easy process throughout

Consumers are given complete information about the interest rate, the loan duration, and details about how much the person will pay back to the app. And to pay the amount back to NowNow, all one has to do is fund the NowNow wallet.

NowNow is truly helping Nigerians get ahead with its app. It does not just take care of one’s financial well being through offerings like online money transfer, loans, bill payment, and insurance services; it also has innovative solutions for one’s physical well being. The 24/7 healthcare consultation service offered on the app makes healthcare more accessible. Download the NowNow app today!

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